Butler 53 Pre甘肃快3走势图 Screening is on Friday, April 17th from 8:30-11:30 at the Oak Brook Park District, please refer to parent questionnaire for more details or contact Diane Janka at djanka@甘肃快3走势图/(630-368-4552) .

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Butler School District 53 is committed to providing high quality Early Childhood 甘肃快3走势图 for children ages three to five years identified with a disability through the child find process. If a child has been identified with a disability, there are typically three different models of Early Childhood 甘肃快3走势图 available for consideration. Butler School District 53 conducts free developmental screening of children ages 3 to 5 years old. Registration is required for developmental screening.    

Parent Questionnaire 

Pre甘肃快3走势图 Screening Parent Letter

District Early Childhood Speech 甘肃快3走势图

This service delivery model is primarily for students with Speech and Language Disabilities requiring direct service to address mild speech articulation and language delays. These services are provided by a district Speech Language Pathologist at Brook Forest School. Parents are expected to bring there child one to two times per week, depending on the identified needs, for short twenty to thirty minutes sessions.

Blended Early Childhood Program

Butler School District 53 is proud to have a partnership with the Oak Brook Park District’s “ABC Pre甘肃快3走势图” and the Lagrange Area Department of Special Education to provide “Blended” Early Childhood 甘肃快3走势图 to pre甘肃快3走势图-aged students with identified disabilities. In this program model, students with disabilities are provided special education and related services within a typical pre甘肃快3走势图 environment. Students are completely included with their typically developing peers through daily support from certified special education staff and related service therapists. 

For more information about the “ABC Pre甘肃快3走势图 Program” please visit the .

Early Childhood Special Education Program

Through our partnership with the LaGrange Area Department of Special Education, Butler School District #53 is able to access Early Childhood Special Education Programs (ECSE) hosted by several other LADSE member elementary districts. ECSE programs have smaller enrollments, typically less than ten students, and are comprised of all students with identified disabilities. These programs are highly structured and offer a significant level of daily support from related service therapists.

For more information about ECSE services and the LaGrange Area Department of Special Education “LADSE” please visit their .